Could Dental Implants Help Me?
By Davis & Beyer Dental Health Professionals
November 23, 2016
Category: Oral Health

Do you have a missing tooth or do you expect to lose a tooth soon? Dental implants offer a simple way to replace your missing tooth dental implantspermanently. Dr. Charles Davis, Dr. Brent Beyer and Dr. Frank Lewicki, your Venice, FL dentists, explain how dental implants could help you.

Dental implants replace your entire tooth

No other replacement option replaces tooth roots. Your roots not only anchor your teeth in your jaw but also strengthen your jawbone. They constantly exert pressure on the bone, providing the stimulation the jawbone needs to remain healthy. When a tooth is lost, the area of the jawbone underneath can begin to deteriorate. If the bone becomes very thin and weak, your other teeth may eventually become loose and fall out. Implants prevent your jawbone from shrinking and weakening.

Nearly everyone can benefit from implants

Most people can benefit from implants. If you're in good health, don't have gum disease, have sufficient jawbone depth and practice good oral hygiene, you're a good candidate for implants. Smoking can decrease the success of dental implants because it tends to interfere with healing.

Implants are a good choice to replace one missing tooth, but did you know that they can also be used in place of traditional dentures? Implant-supported dentures are permanently attached to your mouth using six to eight implants per arch. When your dentures are supported by implants, they offer increased stability, which makes eating easier.

Implants are an excellent choice if you've lost a tooth due to decay or an accident, or if a permanent tooth just never appeared in the spot, just ask your Venice dentists.

The implant process is simple

The implant process does take a little time, but it's not complicated. During your first visit to the dentist, an opening in your jawbone will be made and an implant will be placed inside before covering it with gum tissue. During the next three to six months, the implant will bond to your jawbone. Once this crucial step is complete, your dentist will attach a connector to the top of the implant. A few weeks later, an artificial tooth will be added to the connector.

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